Five Qualities of the Best Administrative Assistants

By May 23, 2022 Job Seekers

Administrative assistants are the glue that holds offices together. Are you curious about what makes a great administrative assistant? Before you hire, it’s helpful to look at your needs and how someone can fit into your organization. Here are the top five qualities that hiring managers look for in a qualified administrative assistant.

Organizational Skills

The vast majority of an administrative support professional’s role is to keep things organized for the person or team they’re assisting. Organizational skills can include maintaining neat files and being easy to find, making the workspace comfortable, and always returning used files or items to where they belong so they will be easy for someone else to access.

Time Management

It’s not just files and offices that need to be organized. An administrative support professional should also be able to manage calendars and daily tasks. Time management is about ensuring that you’re on time, scheduling meetings that work for attendees, and meeting all deadlines for your work. Keeping a calendar can help you manage your time effectively.

Emotional Intelligence

Having a good knowledge base is essential, but it’s equally critical to have good emotional intelligence. This includes empathy, self-awareness, motivation, social skills, and self-regulation. Knowing how you conduct yourself around others and being able to monitor your responses to fit the audience will be vital to being a successful administrative assistant.

Great Communication

Communication is always critical for administrative support roles. You’ll need to demonstrate written communication skills and one-on-one interaction. You’ll also need to know the proper etiquette for text or email and talking over the phone. You’ll need to effectively communicate with people at all levels of your organization and outside customers or vendors.

Teamwork Ability

No one works in a vacuum. Administrative assistants can support just one executive or an entire office team. Regardless of the scope of your work, you will always need to work well with others. Teamwork can include leadership and delegation, and appreciation for the work others do in support of you.


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