Green Flags to Look for in a Potential Employer

By January 17, 2022 Job Seekers

We all know about red flags. Those are the tell-tale signs that someone isn’t a good fit for your organization. But what about green flags? Rather than focusing on the negative aspects, consider the positive reasons you might want to accept a job. Here are a few green flags to watch for to let you know when a company is the right fit.

Detailed Job Listings

Whenever a company provides a detailed job posting, it’s a great indicator that they’re clear communicators and excellent at managing. A detailed job listing should spell out the most important things about the company culture, the salary range, and the long-term goals and expectations for someone in the role.

Diversity in Leadership Roles

Today, many job seekers cite diversity, equity, and inclusion as significant factors when choosing a job. One way to assess a company’s commitment to DEI is by looking at the people in their leadership positions. How many are women or people of color? If you see representation in leadership, it is likely to extend to the entire organization.

Negotiable Benefits

At one time, companies offered a single one-size-fits-all benefits package. But good employers today will know that not everyone has the same needs. If a company provides negotiable benefits that can be customized to your lifestyle, that’s a great sign to indicate it’s a good place to work. Look for ways to negotiate family benefits, hybrid or remote work, or personal time off.

Coaching or Mentor Opportunities

You also want to work with a company that knows employees need room to grow and thrive. If they offer career coaching or programs for mentorships, you’ll know they want to invest in your future, not just keep you stagnant in the same position from your start date to the day you leave the company.


It’s also a good idea to look at the facility and see what they do regarding accessibility. While you may not need accessible accommodations now, how they treat employees who do will give you insight into the kind of company they are. And you never know if your circumstances could change in the future.

Respect for Your Time

Throughout the application and interview process, a significant green flag representing a good company is their respect for your time. If they are communicative during the process and don’t leave you with more questions or hanging on an answer, that will be reflective of how they’ll treat you as an employee once you start.


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