Here’s Why Your Candidates Are Ghosting You

By June 6, 2022 June 8th, 2022 Managers

Have you ever interviewed someone you thought would be your next superstar only to have them ghost you? Ghosting is far too common in today’s job market, so it’s important to know what to do next. Here are a few reasons your candidates may be ghosting you in the hiring process and how you can improve to prevent it in the future.  

Too Many Interviews 

Some companies create a gauntlet of interviews to try to narrow down candidates. Job seekers may meet with their recruiter or HR representative in the first found. Then get asked back for an interview with the supervisor. Then there might be more meetings with the team or other people throughout the company. It can become frustrating after four or five interviews with the same company, often with overlapping information. Try to streamline your interviewing process to eliminate these extra steps.  

Took Too Long 

If you take too long to make a hiring decision, you risk losing good candidates. And if you don’t communicate throughout the process, there is a higher chance that your candidate will ghost you when you finally reach out. If you fill your open position quickly, you’ll be able to save money and relieve the burden off your current team. It will also keep qualified candidates engaged.  

Incompatible with Company Culture 

Sometimes a candidate will stop communication with a company because they feel they won’t like working in the organization. However, this is information that’s important to know. Make sure you keep clear and transparent communications open with applicants to find out if there are complicated reasons they’re not interested. If they ghost, you’ll never know.  

Received Another Offer 

As much as we would like professional candidates to provide reasons for ending their employment search, it won’t always happen. Sometimes the reason the candidate stops communicating is that they’ve received another job offer. While you can’t control their behavior, it’s vital that you maintain good communication channels throughout the process.  


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