How to Attract Gen Z Candidates

By September 13, 2021 Managers

It wasn’t that long ago that many of us were talking about how to hire Millennials. Today, the next generation is rapidly coming on board in the workforce. If you’re hiring for a lot of entry-level jobs with no previous skills required, you may want to consider how you can attract the many Generation Z candidates looking for work. Here’s how to get them to apply.

Focus on Your Culture

Gen Z candidates overwhelmingly indicate that company culture is critical when deciding to start a job. This includes everything from the office environment to a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many Gen Z candidates are also looking for strong company values and a commitment to the community. Creating a workplace that makes your team excited to come to work every day is paramount.

Streamline the Application

A significant number of potential candidates will abandon an online job application if the process is too complicated. Some companies create extensive online applications to screen out unqualified candidates, but the opposite happens. Top candidates become frustrated and don’t apply, leaving employers with a shallow applicant pool. Instead, focus on an easy-to-use online application optimized for mobile devices.

Tap Into Internal Referrals

With Gen Z entering the workforce, there will be lots of options for referrals. Asking other younger employees to refer people they know who match skill sets can get you many great candidates. You can also ask your millennial and Gen X employees if they know younger people just looking for their first opportunity.

Promote Career Growth

Gen Z is looking for long-term career satisfaction. If they don’t find the advancement they need with one company, they are more than happy to look for another opportunity. As an employer, you want to focus on employee retention and keep them engaged. That means providing career development along the way. It’s also good to know that upskilling employees is much more cost-effective than hiring, and it’s always easier to find new entry-level workers than experienced ones.

Beef Up Your Social Media

The most important thing with Gen Z is that you need to meet them where they are. That means having an excellent social media presence. This generation was literally raised on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They also use platforms such as TikTok regularly. If you want to be seen by Gen Z, go where they are.

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