How to Pull Yourself out of the Mid-Week Slump

By March 13, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 Job Seekers

Time is a tricky thing. Days, weeks, and even years can fly by so fast it’s hard to believe. Time can also stand still; minutes and hours can tick by so slowly that you think the day will never end. Not every work week will fly by. If you’re struggling to make it through your week and feeling a mid-week slump, here are five easy tips to help pull yourself out of your rut.

Shake it Off

Taylor Swift may be one of the greatest voices of this generation, and she’s right when she says to shake it off. And this isn’t just symbolic; stand up and shake off this feeling of the mid-week blahs. And if you’ve had a bad Monday or Tuesday, you don’t have to let that define how the rest of your week will go. Face each day like a new opportunity, not just a continuation.

Start a Something New

Did you know you can switch gears and start a new habit on a Wednesday? We’re programmed to view Monday as the day to create new things or projects, but that’s arbitrary. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, change it up mid-stream. Start something else which can help you get out of a rut with the first thing.

Schedule Time With Friends

If your week has started crappy, schedule time to meet up with your friends on Wednesday or Thursday after work. You can go out for coffee or a drink or grab a bite to eat. You can watch a movie at home or sit on the porch and talk about your day. Social interaction can do wonders for improving your mood and resetting your week.

Go Outside

Sometimes a mid-week slump is perpetuated by feeling cooped up or isolated. Use this as an opportunity to get some sunlight and recharge. Take a step back, and go outside for a few minutes. Take deep breaths of fresh air and try to stand in the sun.

Get Organized

Maybe your feeling is about being overwhelmed. Instead of sticking with that feeling, pause what you’re working on and organize your workspace. Clean your desk, reorganize the files, folders, or papers you’re currently using, and put everything away that you don’t need right now in the place they belong.

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