Leveling up Leadership: Dos & Don’ts to Consider in 2023

By February 6, 2023 General HR, Managers

Are you trying to be the best leader possible this year? If you want to level up your leadership skills, we have some dos and don’ts you can use. Here is some advice from the world’s best leaders. We hope you are inspired to motivate your team and reach your goals for success in 2023.

Treat All Employees with Respect

Never forget the golden rule. Always treat others with the respect they deserve. Bad managers will often require that their employees respect their authority without respecting their humanity in exchange. Always treat your employees respectfully.

Meet One-on-One

Set up a time to regularly meet with your employees to check in. This can be a time to answer questions, provide positive feedback, or share things that might need improvement. Focus on professional development and being the person they can come to when they have concerns.

Don’t Gossip or Play Favorites

Sure, there will be people you work with that you get along with better than others. But as a manager, you need to set this aside. Treating some employees better than others creates a hostile work environment that can be frustrating for your team. Stay out of office gossip, and don’t play favorites.

Don’t Fall into Unethical Traps

Integrity is an essential part of professionalism. Ensure everything you ask your employees to do is ethical and above board. Often, this can happen even when someone doesn’t realize what they’re asking. Before making your team requirements, ensure that you stand behind the decision and the consequences.

Work on Emotional Intelligence

2023 is the year to work hard on your emotional intelligence. This encompasses things like empathy, cultural awareness, self-awareness, and the regulation of emotions. You can use your emotional intelligence to ensure that you respond the right way to situations with your team.

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