Making Working Overtime Work For You

By June 13, 2022 Job Seekers

Overtime is normal for so many jobs. Sometimes it’s an incentive to work extra hours for more pay, or it can be an indicator of concerns in the workplace. What’s important is how you address overtime in your career and make it work for you. You still want to ensure a good work/life balance even when you’re working more than 40 hours each week. Here are some things to know about overtime and the boundaries you can set with your employer.  

Discuss Expectations 

To plan appropriately for overtime work, it’s essential to keep your channels of communication open. Talk to your boss about the expectations for overtime. That includes your boundaries. What are they looking for when someone comes in and works overtime? What are your requirements as far as a start or end time?  

Plan Ahead 

When you know you’ll be working overtime, plan ahead so your work hours don’t interfere with your other commitments. Be sure to communicate to anyone who this change in your schedule may impact. Reschedule anything necessary, plan for your extended time away from home, and prepare everything you’ll need to make it work.  

Leave Work at Work 

When you spend so much time at work, it’s normal to let that stick with you even in your off-hours. But it’s essential to draw boundaries to prevent yourself from experiencing burnout. Leave your work at work and make sure you’re not taking any of your concerns or potential drama home with you where it could affect your loved ones.  

Make Time for Fun  

On your time away from the office, make sure you’re having fun. When you’re not working, that release of enjoyable activities will be essential for having a work/life balance and good mental health. You want to focus on wellness, self-care, and enjoying your time off to feel refreshed and ready to go when you come into work.  


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