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It’s that time of the year again! When Minneapolis and Saint Paul come together for the world’s largest State Fair. So go ahead, grab your Pronto-Pup and bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies and read about the 5 newest and yummiest food to the State Fair this year!

  1. Breakfast Potato Skin- Where to find it? The Blue Barn! It is breakfast in a bowl with scrambled eggs, peppers, and a deep-fried potato skin!
  2. Cheesy Sriracha Funnel Cake Bites- Where to find it? At Funnel Cakes on the north side of Dan Patch Ave. This delightful little treat is bite size funnel cakes are infused with Parmesan, Romano, and mozzarella cheese, fried and sprinkled with cheddar and chives! Grab your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!
  3. Halo Cone- Where to find it? Rainbow Ice Cream! This soft serve ice cream cone is on top of a bundle of pink cotton candy, topped with fruity pebbles, gummy bears, and sprinkles! You will love this if you really like sugar and really like Instagram.
  4. Carnitas Taco Cone- Where to find it? At San Felipe Tacos! Who doesn’t love eating things out of a cone? In this, you will find carnitas, cabbage, lime, queso fresco, and sesame-garlic ginger sauce. All topped with sour cream and served in a deep-fried cone!
  5. Deep- Fried Dilly Dog- Where to find it? Swine and Spuds! This delightful little mouthful will not disappoint! You get a battered, deep fried pickle with a bratwurst inside! Don’t forget the mustard and ketchup!

You simply cannot go wrong with any of the food options at the fair this year! But if you are looking for a few healthier options, see below!

  • Roasted Pistachios- Where to find it? Simply Nuts & More! These superfoods are super tasty and are packed with protein, iron, and vitamin E and have a decent amount of fiber!
  • Dole Whip- Where to find it? Carnes Ave and Nelson St! This refreshing treat can be eaten in a cone, cup or even a float! Only 80 fat free calories per half cup and its lactose free!
  • Corn Roast- Where to find it? Dan Patch Ave and Nelson St. For only $3, you get a freshly picked, roasted ear of sweet corn! It is a tasty treat- just stay clear of the butter and salt!

We here at Vision love the Fair and hope that you have a wonderful time!


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