Why You Should Consider a Stepping Stone Career Opportunity

By June 20, 2022 Job Seekers

Should you accept a less-than-ideal position if you see possibilities for the future? There is a lot to gain working a job that can be a stepping stone to something else. Here is what a stepping stone job can look like and why you might consider them in your career.  

Experience in a New Industry 

Accepting a position as a stepping stone can help you get new experiences. For example, if you’ve been working in retail and you want to break into an office, getting a job as a customer service representative can help bridge that gap. You’ll get new experience in an environment that better aligns with your long-term career goals.  

Networking with Relevant People 

The people you meet along the way can have a significant impact on your long-term career. Network everywhere you go. You never know when someone can have another opportunity in the future, move on to a new job and choose to take you with them or be in a position to connect you with someone else.  

An Opportunity for Training or Education  

These kinds of opportunities can also give you a chance to learn new things that you will be able to take with you throughout your career. A stepping stone job may not be the place you want to land, but it might have something to offer that will be a good skill for the future. In the example of retail to customer service, you’ll have experience with new forms of technology that can help you find an administrative job in the future.  

Financial Stability  

It is okay to base your job decisions on your financial needs. Sometimes you need money to help you get to the next level, so taking a job that isn’t exactly what you want for the opportunity to make money, network, learn new things, and experience a new industry will help you in the long run. That financial stability now will give you the ability to make different choices in the future.  


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