How To Write More Inclusive Job Descriptions 

By October 18, 2021 General HR, Managers

It’s a candidates’ market, so many businesses are struggling to find qualified talent. But there are superstars still out there waiting to be discovered. One way to attract more candidates and improve your quality of applications is to create more inclusive job descriptions that encourage everyone to apply. Here are some tips for writing better job descriptions.  

Use Gender-Neutral Language 

Sometimes even seemingly innocent language can create a gender-biased reading of the job posting. For example, a company may want to convey they are a great place to work and say something like, “be one of the good guys.” Or they may use words like Rockstar or Guru that seem gender-neutral, but they have underlying connotations. Instead, focus on gender-neutral job titles and avoid explicitly saying “he” or “she.”  

Offer the Benefits People Want 

The job description published on a website shouldn’t only be about what you want in an employee. They need to entice potential candidates to apply, including what you have to offer in return. Share the benefits, such as your work environment and specific offerings to encourage a more diverse group of people to apply. For example, child care and sick leave are significant issues today.  

Reduce Unnecessary Qualifications 

Many companies believed that if they asked for the ideal candidate, they would rule out unqualified applicants for the job. However, the opposite is true. Unnecessary qualifications rule out qualified applicants, too. When you make the job too difficult to attain, you’re missing out on talent with great potential to succeed at your company.  

Streamline Your Application Process 

Another thing that keeps a diverse group of top talent from applying is difficulty with the application process itself. Even the best candidates will move on to the next opportunity when there are too many hoops to jump through. Make sure your job descriptions and application process are optimized for mobile to increase accessibility.  

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