10 Things Managers Should Avoid Saying or Doing in the Workplace

By August 30, 2021 Managers

There will always be good managers and bad managers in the workplace. If you’re looking for tips to help you hone your skills and be better support for your team, here are a few things you can avoid saying or doing in the workplace.

Criticize without Being Constructive

Managers who offer criticism such as, “I hate this,” without additional feedback about why and suggestions for moving forward are not constructive. This kind of criticism doesn’t breed confidence in you as a manager or in your employees’ work. It’s okay not to like the result of someone’s work, but learning to provide constructive criticism is imperative.


Gossip in the workplace can be toxic for anyone, but it’s awful for managers. Talking to coworkers or, worse, employees about other staff members is terrible and can lead to significant problems down the line.

Playing Favorites

Employees are often frustrated when managers play favorites with other employees. As a manager, it’s vital that you stay impartial. Providing added benefits or praise for one employee will be demotivating for the rest of the team that relies on you.

Completely Hands-Off

Employees also want managers who are willing to pitch in when things are tough. Saying “that’s not my job” or “figure it out” is not constructive and will only serve to frustrate your team. If you see them struggling, roll up your sleeves and pitch in.


The flipside of the same coin is micromanagement. Employees are also easily frustrated when managers have the attitude, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” When you stand over their shoulders and criticize how they accomplish a task, even if the result is good, it will create tension in the workplace.

Raising Your Voice

It is never okay to raise your voice in the workplace, full stop. Yelling at employees is bullying, abusive behavior, and you must maintain a core of professionalism when managing your team. If you feel the need to raise your voice, it’s time to step away.

Finger Pointing

Assigning blame is also not a luxury that a manager has. While you want your employees to take responsibility for their actions, you’re responsible for the overall quality of your team’s performance at the end of the day.

Taking All the Credit

Similarly, you also need to give credit when your team performs well. Taking all the glory is bad form, and you want to celebrate and reward your employees who do good work. Always be sure to let your supervisory team know which employees stood out.

Not Showing Gratitude

You may think that you don’t need to thank your employees for doing their primary job. However, gratitude is contagious and helps everyone feel valued and appreciated. Be sure to thank your employees, and you’ll see them treat each other with more gratitude.

Not Trusting Your Team

Finally, you hired your team because they were qualified employees good at what they do. You must trust your team. Not trusting your team can lead to significant issues as they struggle to figure out what it is you want from them.

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