12 Days of Christmas Stories – Day 11

By December 14, 2018 December 19th, 2018 12 Days of Christmas

We are 11 days out from Christmas and I’m still just getting started on telling stories and sharing some of the good in this world J

Every day we are inundated with messages, information, news, stories, our own voices and more. Today, Bri shared this quote from Brenè Brown and it has stuck with me:

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both”

 I thought about this related to what we do every day – we’re in HR, we’re in the people business! We talk to active and passive job seekers. We talk to friends and family. We talk to people with courage, some without. We talk to people who are comfortable and some who are not. It brought me back to working with Sarah this year…

Sarah was working at the University of MN, and had been in her role for 14 years; she was looking for a change. At that time, we didn’t have a position for her. Months later, we connected with Sarah about an opportunity. There was something special about that connection – it made sense. It felt right. It fit. So we moved forward and she interviewed with our client. No harm in interviewing while still employed, right? The interview was a slam dunk. The customer LOVED her, she LOVED them! The challenge? Her current role was comfortable, she was safe and had been there for 14 years. Imagine being in her seat, working with a staffing agency (who, as an industry I might add – sometimes doesn’t have the best reputation – hey – we’re aware of it!) for a temp-to-hire position. Would you be skeptical? What would your family say? Would you be nervous? Sarah was, and we were there beside her every step of the way. We are humbled and grateful that Sarah put her trust in us to be an advocate for her and with her, and she trusted herself when she took a leap of faith and accepted this new role.  Talk about choosing courage!

We were so proud to recognize her as a Star Performer this year and we’ll forever remember her surprise and her follow up when she said that she felt like her recruiter was an angel sent from above.

Sarah, if you’re reading this – Thank you for choosing courage, and reminding us all that we can do the same. We’re excited to see you next week for our annual appreciation event to remind you how grateful we are for putting your trust in us. You’ll forever be a part of our Vision Family.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,



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