12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 10

Life is precious, make great choices.

I think it was Tim McGraw that sang about moments coming that stop you on a dime. Life is so very precious, it could all be gone too soon. Be kind to everyone you meet, appreciate what you have and everything that comes your way. Some days are magic and others are opportunities for growth – but all days are a gift so it’s important to make great choices even when we aren’t feeling like it.

  • We worked with Allison – she had a lot of drug related activity on her background and had been sober for a few years – the moment of clarity for her was when her baby was taken away from her. Today, she’s hired on perm, helps others through the program to make great choices, she had another baby and continues to stay in touch with us. Allison, thanks for inspiring us all with your choices each and every day.
  • Shane has had his ups and downs with us – he sent us a note about a new position; “I’ll be there early and stay late if I’m asked, I really like these hours and what I’m doing. I don’t want to screw this up and will focus on being there every day!” – We’ll always cheer for you Shane.
  • Donna was referred to us by a trusted person; she was in the thick of going through the court system for her mistakes and poor choices and scheduled to go to prison in 2021. Our customer gave her a chance because of her referral source, and she was an incredible worker. She worked up until the last day she could before going to prison for 2 years. Donna reminded us all that people matter, choices matter, and we’re all capable of change.

Hear me out: Choose positivity in the face of negativity; the greatest gift you have is choice – you always have a choice, nobody makes you a victim. You control whether you get up and drive forward or not.

How are you approaching this moment?

See you tomorrow,



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