12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 5


When you listen to others – are you listening to the words or truly hearing what they’re saying? Are you pausing and meeting people where they’re at and where they need to be to move forward?

  • Mary came to Vision without direct experience but a desire to grow and learn. We found her a position to land in as a launch pad, the right culture she needed and she’s been promoted into a lead and she’s kicking butt!
  • Matt was a strong communicator and dedicated from the very start. He had a “Never give up” attitude that spoke louder than words. He shared with us that he takes a little longer to learn. We found him a home using his skills at a customer we knew we had great dialogue with. While in this position he had some mixed reviews – good work ethic, but repeated mistakes. We encouraged him, we coached him to work on specific pieces at a time. He kept at it and was committed to progress and doing the best of his abilities. Eventually, he interviewed and landed a full time spot in the job he’s always dreamed of.
  • Len applied online to a specific position but when we met with him we heard what he wanted loud and clear – and it wasn’t the position he applied for! We pivoted, talked more about what other opportunities there were that better aligned. He started in an apprenticeship he could see a future at, he accepted enthusiastically and has been a great employee!
  • We met Ron about a year before we placed him. He was looking for something specific, he had strong longevity in his work history and was leery of moving. We talked to him once a week for months, finally he landed in his forever home and when he did he called us once a week to ensure everything was going smoothly 😊
  • Jacob came to us as a referral through a family friend, he was looking for a temporary position before he traveled abroad. He landed in a great gig and is a dream employee.

I’m proud of our team for meeting these folks where they were in their journey and being a part of their movement forward ❤



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