12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 6

Be Uncomfortable.

I think this pandemic has made us all uncomfortable, am I right?! I heard someone recently that said “I left the world of bricks and sticks for hearts and minds.”  A lot of people are getting uncomfortable in a variety of ways and that includes their career changes. Sometimes it takes courage to be uncomfortable so that you can move forward into something that feels more comfortable, something better, something that feels like home….

  • Nate came to us for an internship as an engineer, he didn’t land the internship but still needed work. We got him placed somewhere to make some good money for the summer. Then he stayed during school, then he came back and then he was offered a full time position upon graduation in an opportunity that included travel and growth for him to gain experience in a multitude of areas. Not all of our journeys are a straight line!
  • Sam came to us from the military. She didn’t have forklift experience but did have experience on heavy equipment for 4 years while she served. She picked up on it right away, her bubbly personality and bright spirit carried her through and her open communication was dynamite. She was enthusiastically hired on when the customer commented on her work ethic, determination, and ability to never shy away from a challenge. She was thrilled, we are too!
  • Katherine came to us after 13 years teaching, with a master’s degree. To say she was invested in her career path would be an understatement. She came ready to transition, her attitude from the moment we met her was to lean into the discomfort and learn – she certainly had transferable skills but it was her winning attitude and willingness to let go and move on that opened up new opportunities. We walked by her side, coached her and helped her transition, as did our client. She was a huge success from the very start and continues to be a shining star today!
  • Melanie came to us from retail sales, she longed for a change and to use her skills in a different field. She too was a referral, and your “give it 110% all the time” kind of candidate. She knew she wanted a better home for herself and was doing the thoughtful work to get there. She interviewed at the client – she was the first interview – and they were ready to offer. It just clicked and made sense for both of them. This is her first holiday season in 8 years that she isn’t working nights and weekends, and she’s over the moon about it!

My hope is that you find a space to be uncomfortable and when you do, lean into it ❤

See you tomorrow,


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