12 Days of Christmas Stories & Giveaways 2020: Day 10

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Day 10: Timing

Often, even with a little magic and the best of intentions or hopes, the timing just isn’t right. So often we meet with candidates and don’t have opportunities for them now or we just missed it, or it’s coming. With a little patience and persistence the timing works out as it should:

  • We met with Manny in 2018 – two years ago! We loved him then and still do! He was so welcoming and personable when we met him that first time, some people you don’t forget. Over the course of time, he interviewed at 4 different places – the feedback was always that he was great, but not as great as their #1 choice but couldn’t put their finger on it. We didn’t give up on him, and proud to say that just THIS WEEK, he started a new position that he and they think is perfect! Worth the wait.
  • When you have some people who decide to not show up to work, and you keep feeling like you’re falling flat on your face for your customer…and then you talk to someone who you are sure will be a good fit! They came in for another opportunity and it didn’t work out, then we sent to said client (even though client said they didn’t have any openings at the moment), and they meet with him, come back with a better offer than expected on a preferred shift and THEY are over the moon…..WE TOO are over the moon! The timing was JUST RIGHT. Win for all involved!
  • Greg worked for us in 2006 and was hired on, he remained there until 2019 when the facility closed. Unfortunately when we saw him in May things were a little slow for his skills due to COVID…and then August a new position opened up that SCREAMED Greg’s name – he came in to our office and shared great stories, the connection was real, and he went for the client interview and blew them away too! It was a done deal! Thrilled to be working with Greg again!
  • We met with Anna and adored her. She had just moved here from out of state and was transitioning careers. While calling her references, we found ourselves on the phone for over 15 minutes – both the reference and us in tears! You read that right, tears! The position we had teed up fell through, it was devastating and just at that very moment a new opportunity opened up and it was PERFECTION. She’s going to THRIVE.

A wonderful light in my world has shared that the secret to life is falling down 7 times but getting up 8. I love it and hope you do too 😊

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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