12 Days of Christmas Stories & Giveaways 2020: Day 7

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Day 7: People

As I held my baby girl today I caught myself thinking “with Henry he did ____”….and then I laughed. Because she’s not him and he’s not her. They’re both uniquely them and I’m blessed by reminders constantly. The same rings true for life and with all people! We’re in the people business, and it’s a beautiful thing.

  • In a follow up call to an employee, we gave her empathy and encouragement, it seemed like a ‘normal’ interaction and nothing of significance until she made a visit to our office to talk. She sat down, looked us square in the eye and said, “I wanted to thank you for what you did.  The way you spoke to me on the phone the other day (starts to tear up) was so meaningful to me.  I grew up with a dad whose nickname for me was “Sh!t” and I have had a hard life.  I do not have a lot of people in my life who care about me.  To hear you say those nice things about me made all of the difference in the world to me.” A Fun addition about Jane: the first time we talked to her she had to let us go because she was chasing down a cow on the loose!
  • From our team: “I’ve been working with a candidate with a background, this candidate was very transparent about his background from the start and I really wanted to fight for him. We spent a good amount of time being declined for opportunities because of his background but we still pushed forward and kept trying. >sidebar, do you see how she says ‘we’? I love that we are on this journey WITH our people!< A few weeks ago the candidate called me to check in and it was clear through our conversation that he was feeling pretty defeated and starting to lose hope. I lent him my ear to vent out his worries and frustration, then we hit the reset button. We started talking about how great it is going to be when we find him that perfect role that looks past his background and sees him for the awesome/hardworking person he is. We ended that call on a really good note. Fast forward to last week, I sent his profile for a new opportunity! We had a conversation with our client about his background and they offered him an opportunity in a temporary role. He was committed to wowing them with his hard work ethic and getting hired perm. He is in a happier and self-confident place now that he has been given a chance!
  • Barb started with us over 3 years ago, she barely spoke to us and would almost hide to avoid us when we saw her at work. It’s ok, we appreciated her hard work ethic, and she was very focused on the work ahead of her. Over the course of time, we’ve gotten to know bits and pieces of her story, and we’ve built a foundation of trust. We like to think she knows that we’re in her corner to support her. She continues to grow in her role and thrive. Barb, we see you, and we’re always rooting for you!

Every person we work with comes from a different place in life, it’s like a puzzle and it’s our job to put the pieces together and see them for who they were intended to be; to see beyond their current actions or their moments – because those moments don’t define who we are.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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