5 Things You Should Avoid Saying During a Job Interview

By May 3, 2021 Job Seekers

Interviewing is like an art. You want to tell the interviewer so many things to impress them and land the job, but there are just as many things you shouldn’t bring up. Knowing when to self-edit and how to focus on just the most important things is critical. Before your next interview, consider these five things you shouldn’t bring up in the discussion.


I Hate My Job

Telling an interviewer that you hate your job is a sure way to miss out on a job offer. They will immediately wonder if you will hate their job too. Not that you can’t constructively speak about the things in your last job that weren’t a fit, but make it relevant and keep it positive.

How Much Does the Job Pay?

It may seem like an easy question, but the first interview is not the time to ask about money. Some jobs will offer a range for pay in the job description, but others may base the offer on your negotiations. Wait until later in the process to discuss it or let the interviewer bring it up first.

It’s on My Resume

You’re expected to be prepared in your interview. While you may want the interviewer to know everything on your resume, responding to a question by telling them, essentially, that they should already know the answer won’t make a good impression. They actually want to see how you answer these questions.

I’m Really Nervous

You probably are really nervous in your interview. It’s okay; everyone is. But sometimes, you think you need to apologize or justify your nervousness. You don’t. Before your interview, do some exercises that will help build your confidence, and they try to project that in the meeting.

I Don’t Have Any Questions

Before you go into an interview, research the company online and consider a few questions that you may ask. The interviewer will ask you if you have any questions, and saying no is a red flag. If they did address your questions throughout the interview, you could ask things such as, “what do you love most about working here?”


Do you want more tips for leaving a great impression in an interview?

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