Budget-Friendly Ways to Invest in Your Employees’ Wellbeing

By May 9, 2022 Managers

These days, job seekers are looking for an employer who values them and is invested in their career growth. How do you show appreciation to your team? One way to express your gratitude is to find ways to invest in their mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some low-cost ways to show your team that you value them as a whole person, not just a worker.

Offer Mental Health Days

In addition to or as part of your sick day policy, let your employees know that you value their mental wellbeing by allowing them to take time off if they’re experiencing stress or anxiety. Sometimes people need a break, but they won’t take it if they feel like there will be retaliation. Don’t make them justify their time off, but provide easy access to PTO.

Provide Access to Counseling

There are so many avenues for getting therapy and counseling today. You may be able to offer easy access through your insurance provider. Or you can help your employees with memberships to any number of online virtual therapy websites such as Betterhelp. Often people don’t get therapy because the cost is a significant barrier.

Be Aware of Burnout

As a manager, it’s also essential that you know the signs of burnout and can take action if you notice them among your employees. Symptoms of burnout can include disengagement, increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and isolation. If you see employees experiencing burnout, it’s time to reach out to see if you can help.

Practice Gratitude

A little thank you goes a long way. Developing a culture of gratitude can create a more positive workplace. When you express more gratitude to your team, you’ll see that it’s contagious. Employees will begin to thank one another for their everyday work. Don’t be afraid to provide recognition and rewards for work that goes above and beyond.

Host Group Classes or Fitness Challenges

Physical health and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. To help your employees engage in more fitness activities, provide ways to do that at work. Group classes, such as bringing in a yoga instructor for an hour in the afternoon, can be a good start. Or start a fitness challenge your employees can do on their own time but with measured results and rewards. A steps challenge is an excellent example of this.


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