Five Ways to Improve Your Team’s Productivity at Work

By May 10, 2021 Managers

Measuring productivity is a crucial metric for your organization. Regardless of the job specifics, you need to understand how employees are performing based on your expectations. You need to be sure the objectives are always met. But there can also be many barriers to good productivity in your workplace. Here are a few ways to improve your team’s performance.

Lead by Example

If your employees don’t see you as productive, they are likely to slack off as well. Whatever productivity means to you, be sure to demonstrate your commitment to it at work. The best way for your employees to learn how to act in the workplace is by observing how you handle yourself.

Be Clear About Expectations

Sometimes a lack of productivity is because of poor communication. Assumptions can be made by your team about how and when things need to be completed. If you don’t let people know exactly what you want, you can’t be angry that the work wasn’t completed up to your standards.

Allow Autonomy on the Job

Sometimes productivity is negatively influenced by the presence of micromanagement. When you are standing over the shoulder of your employees, they feel less motivated. You hired top talent for a reason, so trust them with the ability to do the job and get good results.

Retool Meetings

Especially over the last year, we’ve learned different ways to conduct meetings. The truth is, most team meetings breed resentment. Your team wants to be using that time to be productive. Consider ways to reduce the need for too many meetings.

Emphasize Work/Life Balance

Your employees are complete people with lives both in and outside of the working world. If you tie performance only to hours at a desk, your employees will become disgruntled. When your team feels their work and life are in balance, they’re much better able to meet your expectations.


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