How to Attract Gen Z Talent to Manufacturing Jobs in Minnesota

By June 27, 2022 Managers

It’s an interesting time to be in the world of manufacturing. We’ve all heard of The Great Resignation, the huge flow of employees leaving the workforce including millions of Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement age. But on the other side of the coin, recent infrastructure bills being passed means more new jobs in this sector.  

Manufacturing employers in Minnesota will need to begin looking toward Generation Z to fill manufacturing jobs. Members of Gen Z – defined as those born between 1995 and 2010, and soon to be the world’s most populous generation – are entering or already in the workforce. Recent research shows that Gen Z is actually more interested in manufacturing careers than Millennials, and that members may be up to seven percent more likely to consider a career in the manufacturing sector.  

Still, employers shouldn’t expect Gen Z to be flocking to manufacturing opportunities without some enticement. It’s important to understand that this generation is quite different than those that came before, especially Baby Boomers – Gen Zer’s grew up in an entirely different world than people 40 years their senior. And that means the things they want and expect out of work are very different, too. Employers need to understand that if they hope to attract Gen Z talent in the manufacturing space. 

So, why and how can employers attract Gen Z to manufacturing jobs? Let’s take a closer look at why employers should be focusing on this age range, what Gen Z wants out of manufacturing agencies, and how employers can attract top talent. Then, we’ll learn how manufacturing staffing agencies in MN like The Vision Companies can help you with your search. 

Why It’s Important to Attract Generation Z in Manufacturing 

What’s the biggest difference that sets Gen Z talent apart from other age groups? They’re digital natives. Members of Gen Z grew up with the Internet and technology as a standard part of the home. They consider technology a baseline expectation, whereas older generations tend to see it as a bonus in their work lives. It’s this digital fluency, this tech-savvy approach that’s simply built into members of Gen Z, that makes them such an asset as the manufacturing industry continues to grow.  

Here are some of the important reasons why employers should be focusing on attracting Gen Z to manufacturing jobs: 

  • Generation Z can accelerate the digital transformation. The digital fluency of Gen Z makes them the perfect group to help the manufacturing industry continue to transform with the advent of new technologies. Gen Z doesn’t see robotics as a force that is replacing them or taking their jobs – they see it as a tool, a way to make their jobs easier. They’re not just fluent with technology, but integrated with it as a normal part of life and work. 
  • They’re adaptable. A member of Gen Z has seen new technological advances roll out nearly every year of their lives. From phones and computers to cars and refrigerators, this generation expects new technological advances. They don’t fear change when it comes to technology or digital tools – they embrace it. As the manufacturing industry continues to adapt to new technologies, Gen Z is ready to adapt right alongside it. 
  • They’ll be more engaged. The data doesn’t lie. Gen Z is showing a heightened interest in manufacturing as compared to other generations, like Millennials. There are stereotypes out there about Gen Z being disengaged, disinterested, and rude – employers shouldn’t buy into that. Workers in this generation will actually more interested and engaged in the field than others.  

What is Gen Z Talent Looking for in Minnesota Manufacturing Companies? 

We’ve learned how Gen Z talent can benefit manufacturing employers as this generation begins to enter the workforce. But what are these individuals looking for out of Minnesota companies?  

Manufacturing employers can attract Gen Z to manufacturing roles by doing the following: 

  • Clearly outline competitive compensation.  

A common misconception across the workforce is that entry-level manufacturing jobs don’t pay well, and it’s this barrier that prevents many Gen Zer’s from considering a career in manufacturing. But according to data from Glassdoor, the average entry-level manufacturing job pays nearly $60,000 a year, much higher than the $40,000 average for all entry-level jobs. Employers need to communicate their competitive salaries and benefits packages to Gen Z talent in order to get them interested.  

  • Highlight shift flexibility and work-life balance.  

Another difference between Gen Z and the older generations is their increased focus on work-life balance and the importance of flexibility. Members of Gen Z value their freedom outside of work just as much as they value their jobs. That’s why employers in Minnesota should highlight multiple shift options, flexible work arrangements like variable start and end times or hybrid options, and the company’s focus on work-life balance and wellness.  

  • Promote a fun company culture. 

Members of Gen Z value a positive, healthy, fun company culture more than the generations that came before them. Minnesota companies would do well to promote this positive company culture in their interview processes, on social media platforms, and all outgoing marketing. Make it known that your company is a great place to work, and you’ll see more interest from Gen Zer’s looking to enter the manufacturing space. 

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Another part of a positive company culture involves diversity, equity, and inclusion. Gen Z values employers who are committed to these causes, so be sure to highlight your DE&I efforts wherever you can. This not only helps to attract talent from all walks of life to expand the pool of candidates you can choose from, it promotes loyalty, engagement, and appreciation from employees.  

Recruiting Strategies to Attract Gen Z to Manufacturing Jobs in Minnesota

When it comes to recruiting Gen Z, what should manufacturing companies in Minnesota be doing? We’ve touched on some general tips above, but there are also specific tactics companies can use throughout the sourcing and hiring process to make themselves attractive to Gen Z talent. Here are some recommendations:

Highlight the Tech Advancements in Manufacturing to Attract Gen Z Talent 

Remember: Gen Z is more tapped in with technology than any generation in history. And with recent technological advancements in manufacturing, they make the perfect pairing. But members of Gen Z themselves might not be aware of this – that’s why a great recruiting strategy is to highlight the advancements in this field. Manufacturing staffing agencies in MN like The Vision Companies can help you create job descriptions that promote the high-tech aspect of careers in manufacturing. That makes a big difference when it comes to attracting Gen Z talent. 

Utilize Social Media to Engage with Gen Z Talent 

Today’s job seekers don’t just find your open roles on the major job boards, or through your website. They often see them through social media platforms. Your company should be engaging with talent on social media in order to recruit Gen Z in manufacturing roles. Otherwise, you’re potentially missing out on a huge swath of this generation simply because you aren’t meeting them where they are. TikTok, Snapchat, and other platforms need to be utilized to connect with this generation, so if your hiring strategy doesn’t include time or budgeting for this, it’s time to make a change. 

Attract Gen Z to Manufacturing Jobs Using a Mobile-Friendly Application Process 

One of the prevailing stereotypes about Generation Z is that they’re constantly on their phones. The more accurate truth is that, well, just about everyone is on their phones quite a bit. And the job seekers of today often apply on those devices, not through a desktop computer or even a laptop. Your application process needs to be mobile-friendly to allow job seekers to apply right from their phones. That way, they can apply wherever and whenever they’re able.  

Partner with a Manufacturing Staffing Agency in Minnesota to Attract Gen Z 

Baby Boomers are leaving the manufacturing field, and the workforce as a whole, in record numbers. The Millennial generation is less interested in manufacturing jobs than even the generation after them. It stands to reason that employers need to start thinking about attracting Gen Z to manufacturing jobs.

Gen Z are digital natives, so they pair perfectly with today’s advanced technological manufacturing work. They expect competitive salary and benefits, work-life balance, a positive company culture, and an inclusive, diverse environment. Minnesota manufacturing companies can work on attracting Gen Z talent by highlighting the technology connection, utilizing social media platforms to their advantage, and ensuring a mobile-friendly application process to meet Gen Z talent where they are. 

Another way to attract Gen Z to your open manufacturing roles? Partner with The Vision Companies, a manufacturing staffing agency in MN that specializes in temporary and temp-to-hire manufacturing and industrial staffing. Our expert recruiters can help you source the talent you need, including from Gen Z. We can also help you with your application process and social media, too.  

Ready to get started? Contact The Vision Companies today. 


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