Job Seekers: How to Clean up Your Social Media

By September 6, 2021 Job Seekers

It seems like a social media presence is necessary to communicate in today’s society. But there are also a lot of pitfalls you need to avoid. If you’re looking for work in 2021, chances are recruiters or hiring managers are checking out your social media or online presence. Here are a few tips to help you clean up your profiles so employers like what they see.

Google Yourself

Step one to determining your social media presence is to Google yourself. It can be hard to know what’s out there without checking on it from an outside perspective. If you’re logged into a Google account, try using another computer or opening an incognito browser so you can see what an employer might see.

Check Privacy Settings

For some social media sites, you can keep your privacy settings locked down. For instance, many people will use Facebook as a purely personal account, so you can change your privacy settings to be friends only. When you do that, only your profile and cover photos will be public.

Delete Inappropriate Posts

On public sites, like Instagram or Twitter, if you find anything that might raise a red flag to an employer, delete it. Anything that isn’t professional that could lead to questions or flat-out rejection from an employer can be removed from your social media platforms before starting your job search.

Use Professional Profile Photos

As we mentioned, even when your Facebook is set to private, your profile and cover photo will remain public. For all of your platforms, go through and choose professional images to display. They don’t have to be staged headshots but be sure you’re projecting the image you want employers to see.

Establish a Professional Social Media Presence

It can also be a benefit if you focus on creating a professional social media presence. Use platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn to showcase who you are as a professional in your industry. Become a subject matter expert. Start a blog and share this through a professional Facebook page or on LinkedIn.


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