The Rest of the Story – Final Edition for 2015

By December 31, 2015 News, Success Stories

New Year’s Eve is upon us, as is the final edition of these stories.

It was wintertime.

He came into our office wearing a lightweight, brown, leather jacket without insulation. He said he was referred to us by his ESL instructor and he really needed to work. He was from Morocco. If memory serves us correctly, he had just moved here because his best friend, his brother, had passed away and they owned a business together in his home country. He didn’t have work history to prove to us he had the skills he mentioned, he just kept telling us how handy he was. We turned him away, we didn’t have any opportunities. He came back, for a couple of weeks until he finally said, “Please – just give me a chance, anywhere, you won’t be disappointed”

And so, we turned around and told our customer the same thing. He interviewed him and said “He’s not tall enough to even reach the machines – it’s not going to work out” but by this point, we said, “Just give him a chance – let’s see, at least he has the persistence that sets him apart” and so, he got a chance.

He started on 2/8. He blew his supervisor out of the water:

  • “Awesome team player”
  • “He’s eager, and a big sponge”
  • “He’s always picking up others scraps and helping them out – ever since day 1”
  • “He came to ME and took the initiative to ask for a training packet that we give to full time employees – he wanted to work toward being a FT employee before we even hire him so he’s ready when we do!”
  • “He has good representation coming to work every day with a good attitude, smile on his face, always doing more than what is required”

He was promoted to a different department on 5/9

We recognized him as a Star Performer on 5/26

He was hired on perm on 6/10

Since then, he’s been promoted to shift lead and he continues to stay in touch and even turn business our way when the opportunity presents itself. He loves where he works, he loves who he works with, and he loves that he has stability to support his family – and our customer feels the same. Thank you Driss – You are amazing!

It’s funny, the more good you do and positive energy you spread, the more you get back..this is powerful stuff! I love it and I genuinely hope you do too!

Cheers to 2016!

~Heather Farr

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