Why Temp-to-Hire Positions Could be Right for You

By November 15, 2021 Job Seekers

When searching for a new job, many people tend to brush off the idea of contract work or even contract to hire, also known as temp-to-hire. But temp-to-hire offers plenty of perks, and it’s well worth taking another look at these potential opportunities. If you’re on the job market, here are a few of the reasons you might want to consider temp-to-hire positions.

Try Before You Commit

Temp-to-hire offers employers a “try before you buy” scenario, but this experience goes both ways. Not only can the employer determine if you’re the right fit for them, but you also have the opportunity to try out the job and the company before you commit to a full-time role if everyone agrees. It’s the best of all worlds as you work with your recruiter in the process to keep them up to date about your experience, and they can help you find another opportunity if it simply isn’t the right fit.

Understand the Culture

One of the reasons temp-to-hire is beneficial is to learn more about the company culture. While you might have an idea of the job itself, especially if you bring experience to the table, understanding a company culture in an interview or the first few days can be challenging. With temp-to-hire, you’ll get to know coworkers and management structures. You’ll understand the office environment and how you might fit into the workplace.

Learn New Things

Even if you accept a job in your field, working will always give you access to new ideas, tasks, knowledge, and ways of working. This will always be to your advantage regardless if you choose to stay with the company or move on. Continued learning should always be the goal, and on-the-job experience is, at the very least, a great resume builder.

Build Relationships

You also never know what can happen if you accept a temp-to-hire position. You’ll meet new people, and many of them can turn into important professional connections, mentors, or confidants. And that relationship doesn’t need to end even if you leave the position for another opportunity. Stay connected because they may end up somewhere else in the future and think of you if they are in a position to hire or refer talent.

Could temp-to-hire be right for you?

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