Helpful Tips from a Staffing Agency During Tough Economic Times

By October 27, 2022 November 23rd, 2022 Managers

Are we in a recession? No one can say for sure.

On one hand, we’ve had two consecutive quarters of a declining GDP. Inflation is causing costs to skyrocket. Interest rates are rising. All these factors indicate a recession is imminent.

Yet unemployment remains low, the high demand for labor continues, and employers are adding jobs every month—indicating a recession.

Whether or not we give the economic downturn an official definition, one thing is clear:

Change is in the wind—again.

If your company is experiencing a decline in sales and profits due to the economic slowdown, you aren’t alone.  Many employers are seeing a dip and wondering what they can do to survive the coming months. Before recession is a certainty, it’s time to hope for the best—but prepare for the worst. Savvy employers will use their uncertainty as inspiration to re-evaluate their businesses and find opportunities to cut costs and increase revenue before circumstances force them to make ill-considered decisions.

Since labor is one of the most significant expenses for most companies, it pays to create a flexible hiring strategy to fit your changing needs during tough economic times. Partnering with a staffing company can help your business survive—and thrive—during economic uncertainty. In the event of hiring freezes or the necessity of layoffs, a staffing firm can provide a cost-effective way to fill positions without adding to your permanent payroll.


Expert Advice from a Staffing Agency for Employers in Minnesota

  • Start Planning Ahead. There are no clear-cut answers to whether we’re in a recession, but that doesn’t mean employers should bury their heads in the sand and hope it doesn’t happen. Why not take this opportunity to optimize your processes no matter what the future holds? Assessing your financial health can prevent surprises—and enable you to make changes that improve your bottom line.
  • Cut unnecessary costs. How long has it been since you combed through your profit and loss statement? Identify areas where you are laying out cash but not getting a return on your investment. Have you checked your credit card statements to ensure you don’t have recurring expenses that are no longer needed? It’s easy to forget about subscriptions and licenses that automatically renew yearly.
  • Optimize efficiency. Look at your processes. Are your people wasting time and resources on tasks that don’t generate revenue? Think about how you can make improvements to help them operate more efficiently.
  • Evaluate job profiles. Most employers regularly review what labor is needed to keep their business operating smoothly. During an economic downturn, you may have to adjust roles and responsibilities to create a hiring strategy that fits your budget.
  • Outsource non-essential roles. As you evaluate job profiles, you’ll discover which positions are essential to your business and which roles you can outsource to a temporary staffing agency. Promoting from within is another excellent option. Providing career development opportunities leads to greater job satisfaction and retention, building a stronger team. As employees advance, your staffing partner can provide direct-hire, temp, or temp-to-hire services to help you fill roles the vacated roles.

Optimize your Hiring Strategies

Working with a single staffing agency will give your company a dedicated partner who understands the unique challenges of your business. They’ll get to know your work environment, company culture, and job requirements and deliver talent tailored to help you reach your business goals. As you build a strong relationship with your recruiter, they will be able to provide exceptional matches that lead to increased productivity and higher retention within your organization. In tough times, you’ll have a committed industry expert proactively working to keep your business optimally staffed and running smoothly.

Looking for help optimizing your hiring strategy? Our dedicated recruiters provide exceptional staffing services in Minnesota. If you’re struggling with recruiting or staffing, count on The Vision Companies to deliver outstanding talent quickly and cost-effectively.


Benefits of Flexible Staffing Solutions 

In simplest terms, staffing agencies provide employees when a business needs them. There are no strings attached. At The Vision Companies, we put your goals first, tailoring our services to meet your business needs. As one of the most well-established staffing agencies in Minnesota, we’ve established long-term relationships in the talent community that help us swiftly meet your employment needs.

Working with The Vision Companies can have many benefits for your business. Our team is ready to:

  • Forecast needs. We’ll collaborate with you to predict your present and future staffing needs. Having a plan will lessen decision fatigue and allow you to make changes faster and more effectively.
  • Create a proactive plan. Don’t wait for people to quit before you call us. Stay ahead of the curve by partnering with us before you need our services. We’ll get to know your job requirements and be ready to deliver the minute you need talent.
  • Deliver cost-effective staffing solutions. Lower your employment costs by allowing us to cover employment taxes, unemployment insurance, and employee benefits. You’ll save on recruiting, advertising, and onboarding expenses, too. Using our employees can also help you eliminate overtime costs and reduce turnover in your organization.
  • Flex your staff to meet demand. Match workforce to workload without adding to payroll. Our temp and temp-to-hire services allow you to bring on staff only when needed.
  • Access specialized skillsets. Wish you had a great accountant or marketing expert to help you navigate this economic downturn and emerge stronger on the other side? The Vision Companies can deliver skilled professionals and more to support your business.
  • Provide peace of mind. When times are tough, it helps to know you aren’t alone. As our partner, you have resources and access to our industry expertise. Tell us how we can help!
  • Prevent burnout among regular employees. Business demand can be difficult to predict, creating challenges for your core team. During peak seasons or unexpected surges, our temporary employees can support your team, easing stress and preventing burnout.


Set Your Worries Aside-Partner with a Staffing Agency in Minnesota 

During lean times, it’s essential to do more with less. High-performing talent from The Vision Companies can help your organization operate more efficiently. Our extensive network, advertising efforts, and focused recruitment channels give you access to the people you need when you need them. And when you don’t? No problem. We’ll stay in touch and consider how we can help your business thrive.

Our expert recruiters will get to know your business and help you create a flexible staffing strategy that makes every labor dollar count. We understand that business is difficult to predict these days, and we’ll help your business get ready—and stay ready–for future staffing challenges.


Looking for great talent?  Connect with our team at The Vision Companies.

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